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All of our vehicles are government inspected, registered, insured, have license plates and are 100% street legal.

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We are located in the following place

Del Coco Beach

Our locations are conveniently in the centre of town for quick, easy pick up and drop off. We can also pick you up at your vacation spot if you aren’t within walking distance or if you book ahead, we can have your ride waiting for you at your hotel/home for when you arrive.

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Where can these vehicles been driven?

Golfcarts (gas or electric) are street legal, those rented in El Coco can be driven around town.
Rented carts in Tamarindo can be driven all over the town and playa Langosta.
Scooters and motorcycles can be driven within nearby towns.

What if the golf cart stops working?

Our golf carts are well maintained, but if any problems arise we will send out our mechanic or a replacement golf cart within the area. For more information please give us a call or send an email.

Can I have a golf cart delivered to my place?

Yes, you just need to coordinate with us. Depending on the distance, there might be a fee.

Where and how long does it take to charge the electric golf carts?

Our golf carts can be charged with a standard 110 volt outlet and usually takes about 6-8 hours to fully charge.

Is it allowed to drive on the beach?

No, same rules as regular cars apply. Golf carts are not designed for driving on the beach. Drinking and driving is not allowed.

Do I need driver's license for a golf cart.

Yes, all cart operators must have a valid driver’s license.

What is the top speed of the golf carts?

Electric carts top speed is 20 MPH
Gas carts top speed is 25MPH

Reserve or quote your golf cart renting

This is our shop in El Coco Beach, where you can rent golfcarts, motorcycles, bicycles
80 feet (25 m) west from Super-Compro at the main intersection in town.​
Call the Cart Guy at (506) 2670 0051​
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Once you send the request we will answer in a few hours confirming the details of your reserve or answering your questions. *Please note, delivery out of Coco Zone has an extra charge. $60

We sell both new & refurbished golf carts

Have a cart that needs repaired? We service all makes of carts and our services range from simple battery replacement to a major overhaul and everything in between.

All of our refurbished carts come with the following:

Refurbished and Brand new golf carts

Golf Cart in Rent a carrito in del Coco Beach
The Cart Guy

Who is the Cart Guy?

Federico Salas fell in love with electric motors as a kid and has been tinkering around with them ever since. It’s been 20 years of renting and selling vehicles, both electric and gas, to Costa Ricans and tourists alike. Whenever anyone asks where to get a ride, locals respond, Freddy “The Cart Guy!” 
We have a selection of vehicles available to make your Costa Rican stay a true adventure. Whether you want to rent, buy or need your current ride serviced, The Cart Guy has you covered.